Downtown Streetscape Revitalization Project

To help you visualize Newton's streetscape improvements, we've created a set of interactive renderings that show what Downtown Newton will look like after the Streetscape Project is completed. Click here to view.

To view an interactive map to help you find available public parking in Downtown Newton, click here.

NEWTON, NC - Citizens and leaders in Newton are planning for growth and a bright future by beginning the community revitalization process in historic Downtown Newton.

The project represents the largest infrastructure investment in Downtown Newton in generations. The project will be completed in four phases, and each phase will be completed before the next phase is begun. Construction on the Downtown Streetscape Revitalization Project began in July 2018. The first phase of construction along Main Avenue was completed in June 2019. The second phase of construction, on A Street between Main Avenue and College Avenue is scheduled to begin in September 2019.

The first phase on Main Avenue between 2nd Street and A Street included the construction of the Frank & Sue Jones Amphitheatre on Main Avenue across from the 1924 Courthouse, which is the perfect setting for outdoor concerts and performances. The amphitheatre was funded thanks to a generous bequest from the estate of Sue Jones.

Each phase of the project will include replacement of all underground utilities and infrastructure and streetscape revitalization to include widened sidewalks, bike lanes, decorative lights and poles, street trees, benches, and trash and recycling bins. The scheduled completion date for all phases of the project is in the fall of 2021.

City staff is working with contractors and businesses to make sure customers can easily access all affected businesses during the construction. Streets will be closed at times during the construction phase, but when streets are closed sidewalks will be open to allow customers to access businesses. An interactive map to help visitors find public parking is available here.

“I am excited to see this ambitious project continue to move forward,” Newton Mayor Anne P. Jordan said. “Newton’s beautiful downtown is one of our greatest assets. This project will greatly enhance what you see in Downtown Newton today and help attract investment to our community.”

Newton City Council adopted the Newton Streetscape Master Plan and North Newton Master Plan in January 2016. The plan was developed after extensive public input through public meetings, online surveys, and one-on-one interviews.

The city introduced residents and visitors to streetscape improvements with a demonstration project in October 2016. The demonstration, which was installed with help from students at Discovery High School, featured temporarily widened sidewalks, modified parking and traffic flow, and landscaping. Visitors had the chance to walk through the demonstration and experience how enhanced sidewalks and other amenities of the project will make Downtown Newton more enjoyable for residents, visitors, and businesses. View photos of the demonstration project on the city's Facebook page.

Crews completed a comprehensive survey of Downtown Newton in early 2017, and the engineering phase of the project has been completed.

The Streetscape Master Plan is intended to begin the revitalization process not just for Downtown Newton, but for the entire community. By focusing on the heart of the city, people in Newton and in the surrounding areas will begin to take notice, visit, shop, dine, and take a renewed pride in the community. Sidewalk widening and open space improvements, accompanied by wayfinding signs, improvements to the corridors approaching Downtown Newton, and increased marketing, will bring new businesses and restaurants to the Courthouse Square to take advantage of opportunities for outdoor dining and improved community image.

Improvements to the Courthouse Square include:

  • Widened sidewalks, bike lanes, two rows of parking and two moving lanes.
  • Improved open spaces including a redesigned and expanded Yount Park.
  • The addition of an amphitheatre on the west side of the Courthouse Square to allow outdoor concerts and other events.

Suggestions for the Courthouse grounds include additional paths and seating areas and upgraded walkways.

Streetscape refers to the natural and manmade components that make up a street. Completed projects across country indicate that municipal investments in streetscapes yield a return in private investment many times larger than the initial municipal investment.

For detailed information, view the Newton Streetscape and North Newton Master Plan. You may also view a presentation delivered to City Council about the project.

If you would like more information about the Newton Streetscape Project, please contact Alex Frick at 828-695-4266 or