Fire Hydrant Testing Under Way

NEWTON, N.C. (April 17, 2017)—The Newton Fire Department is currently conducting annual fire hydrant maintenance and testing in the southwest quadrant of the city.

The southwest quadrant of the city includes areas south of A Street and west of Main Avenue. Maintenance and testing will continue for several weeks. Citizens residing in the area may experience a discoloration of their water due to minerals inside underground water lines being disturbed. If water discoloration is experienced, allowing water to run from any faucet for several minutes should eliminate the discoloration.

Fire hydrant testing is crucial to locating fire hydrants that are inoperable or need repair. In addition, the North Carolina Department of Insurance requires annual fire hydrant testing for the purposes of grading municipal water systems, which determines municipal insurance ratings.

The city of Newton apologizes for any inconvenience residents encounter during the testing period. Any questions or concerns should be directed to Newton Fire Department at 828-695-4314.