Recycling Information

Household Recycling

Place these items in the provided City recycling bin and place at the curb on your weekly garbage collection day. DO NOT OVERLOAD BINS, additional bins are available upon request.

  • Accepted Items:
    • Aluminum/Steel Cans - rinse and crush/flatten
    • Newspaper/glossy advertisement inserts/phone books/magazines - stack in pile
    • Glass bottles (clear and colored) - rinse and remove lids
    • Plastic bottles (soft drink/milk jugs/laundry detergent) - rinse, remove lids, flatten
    • Plastic containers with triangle recycling emblem (#1-7) - rinse, remove lids, flatten
  • Unaccepted Items:
    • Electronics (see below)
    • Plastic Bottles that contained automotive or petroleum products
    • Propane/gas cylinders of any type/size
    • Plastic/paper grocery bags (return to store for recycling)
    • Cardboard - may be recycled at the drop-off sites at 210 N. Ashe Ave. or 1712 N. Main Ave.
    • Hardback books

Electronics Recycling

Catawba County's residential recycling program at Blackburn Landfill, 4017 Rocky Ford Road, Newton, includes a permanent electronics and paint collection area. The service is available year-round during regular landfill operating hours.

Many types of electronic waste are accepted, including: computers, printers, scanners, keyboards, mice, cables, televisions, cell phones, projection equipment, speakers, cameras, VCRs, DVD players, stereos, headphones, GPS units, copiers, pagers, calculators, fax machines, iPods, MP3 players, and microwaves. No business waste will be accepted. Items NOT accepted include refrigerators, freezers, ovens, washers, dryers, toasters, irons, and vacuums.

There are other opportunities to recycle or donate your unwanted computers and televisions, including: Best Buy in Hickory, Goodwill Industries of Northwest NC, Salvation Army, and others. If you just have cell phones to recycle, many domestic violence prevention facilities and other organizations will accept donations, as working cell phones can be used to dial 911 even without an active telephone account.

For more information, contact the Newton Public Works & Utilities Department at (828) 695-4310 or the Catawba County Utilities & Engineering Department at (828) 465-8217.