Public Works Department

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Leaf Collection 2018
The City of Newton offers curbside leaf collection, which helps citizens dispose of their leaves while ensuring that storm drains remain unclogged. Leaf collection is currently under way and is scheduled to end Jan. 4. To view an interactive map that shows the progress of leaf collection in your neighborhood, click here.

The city will have two trucks operating this leaf season. Collection will begin at the south end of the city and the trucks will travel in a grid pattern. The trucks will run a route through the entire city and then will restart at the beginning of the route. The process will continue until leaf season is over. City staff anticipates a route will require three weeks to complete.

Residents are asked to ensure that tree limbs, sticks and metal are removed from the leaf piles. Yard debris other than leaves will clog or damage the machine, slowing down the collection process. Also, please keep leaves out of the roads by raking them behind the curb. Leaves should be placed in the utility strip adjoining your property. Leaves placed behind the sidewalk or in ditches will not be collected. Please note that the vacuum truck cannot reach leaves that are raked beside parked cars.

For more information, call the Newton Public Works and Utilities Department at 828-695-4310.

Public Works and Utilities Department
The Public Works and Utilities Department employees approximately 75 people in the following divisions:

garbage truckElectric Distribution
treet Maintenance
Mechanical Maintenance
Water/Sewer Maintenance
Water Treatment
Wastewater Treatment

The Department also maintains responsibility for City Engineering Services. The Engineering Division reviews land development plans for compliance, coordinates most capital improvement projects, oversees the inspection of public improvements by land developers and designs minor engineering projects.

The overall departmental budget is approximately $13 million from the general, water, sewer, electric and Powell Bill funds. You may contact Public Works and Utilities at 828-695-4310.

How to Make Public Works and Utilities Work for You
One day you or your family may need the assistance of Public Works and Utilities. Maybe you have a pothole in your road, or a street light needing repair. If you find yourself needing city assistance, take the following steps prior to making your initial call.
  1. Assess the situation. 
  2. Write down the specific location of the problem area.
  3. Be prepared to give your name and telephone number.
  4. Be prepared to answer questions regarding the nature of your problem.  

Arming yourself with information will help us to address the problem promptly. The more information you can provide city staff the better. Most problems are addressed within two weeks. 

What Happens When I Call Public Works and Utilities?
When you call Public Works and Utilities:

  1. Office staff will generate a work order based upon information you give.
  2. Supervisors schedule jobs based upon priority level and location (emergency calls receive priority attention).
  3. Field crews perform work according to established schedule.
  4. If crews encounter no problems, work should be complete within 2 weeks.

Calls relating to Street Maintenance (e.g. paving, resurfacing, curb cuts, storm drain repair, etc.) are passed on to the supervisor for inclusion on an established schedule. Utility cuts (e.g. holes cut in road to repair water leaks) receive attention once work is complete.

NC 811Remember!!! Newton is now a member of the North Carolina One Call Center.  Before doing any work outdoors requiring digging, call 800-632-4949 or 811 to have your utilities located. It's the law! You will save yourself a lot of trouble and money if you make the call. 

If you need your power lines lowered for house repair, call 828-695-4310. The City requires at least 48-hour notice for both types of requests.